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   Montessori Pakistan is a member of Montessori Asia Council, the dedicated Montessori Educational Portal in Asia and operates in conjunction with Montessorian World International. 
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Montessorian World International together with Montessori Asia holds the world's largest infrastructure of networked country-specific montessori and montessorian domains under one learning environment. Today it is interconnected in over 60 countries worldwide and 34 provinces and cities across China.

We promote the tradition of Montessori Teaching Method and the significance of Montessorian World Education.

Montessorian World Education creates the difference by advancing the relevance of Montessori Teaching Method for children education and goes beyond unto the significance of total development of a person
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Innovative Learning Partnership for qualitative outreach.
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  Montessorians needed as trainers, teachers, administrators and educationists for growth and outreach. Find Job Creation & Biz Creation Plans.
  City / Community Hosts, Education Hosts/ representatives and Service Providers wanted for the advancement of Montessorian World Education & Fellowship. Find Global Learning Network Plan.
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